NEW features….Kools and Comments

  in Release Version - July 29, 2015

When we say something is cool , we refer to something that we really like, something that attracts our attention. On Facebook and other social networks we are used to express this sensations by clicking on the “Like” button.

As we are NOT a social network, we want to offer you a different mindset, and we decide to use the word “KOOL” as it is cool to express someone you like his/her picture.

KOOL is not only a button… KOOL is a mindset, is a way to show some love to people we are sharing special moments with.

But that’s not the only NEW features you will be able to use on the next release. We brought you COMMENTS, the best way to tell some close friends what you feel about that picture.

The best thing about Kolektio’s Comments?? IS PRIVATE…Only you and people sharing a moment with you will be able to see and comment pictures.

Let’s give a try to this new features….or Download Kolektio now and try

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