Supernova is here again….and Kolektio too

  in Events - September 22, 2015

The most creative digital innovation arises again to support large enterprises in Brescia. After the resounding success of the first edition of Supernova – Creative Innovation Festival, promoted last year by Talent Garden and the City of Brescia, the stellar explosion is ready to light up the future of the city in 2015. The aim also confirm and overcome incredible results of last year: 30 thousand people involved; 50 companies and institutions involved; 60 events across 20 locations around the Old Town; 80 prominent speakers from the most diverse areas in the world of innovation; 40 actually took to the streets and squares of the historic center for dialogue, exchange and create together a different future.

Is alredy one year since the first edition of the Creative Innovation Festival….Supernova
Another year you can join Supernova Innovative Festival using Kolektio app. Our unique approach for events, allow you to automatically share your pictures within other participants at the event….so you will not have to ask to send them later ;)

Just Follow these easy steps

1. Download Kolektio from Apple Store or Play Store

2.Register and click tab events

3.Insert code:  supernovatorino or supernova

4.Quit the app and take pictures from standard Camera 

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